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Beach Therapy Brand Shoot


Personal Brand Photography

Brand photo shoot for Frisco Therapist

Planning the Beach Therapy Brand photo shoot

Annie, Beach Therapy Services, therapist filled out a questionnaire and we had a consultation call for a Beach Therapy Brand shoot. From that information and conversation, I came up with a mood board and sample shot list. I get very detailed on the shot lists. Of course we have flexibility to move things around, but I list specific times including outfit changes and clean up. Annie’s business uses a play on words with her last name: Beach. We used ocean colors in the shoot and she chose outfits that complemented her bright personality. She did some shopping at Hobby Lobby and found things like a light house, sea shells, luggage and more to complement her photos. We also decided to have some fun with her snorkling/scuba diving gear. These showcase her love for the water and travel! (Obviously, because she can’t do much of that in the Dallas, TX area!) Because of the unpredictable Texas weather, Annie opted to utilize Black and Light Studio for the shoot, so she looked at all their inventory ahead of time and showed me her favorites.

Beach Therapy Services Brand Shoot Mood Board

Starting the day

We started off the morning with some lifestyle type shots on a couch. Annie held a book and didn’t even have to start off looking at the camera! I like to ease clients into the process. She then did some walking photos and was soon ready to get down to business at an office scene. Her color choices and props popped well against the bright background! After that we took more images of her on various furniture pieces and with different props and expressions. Scroll to the end of the post for some tips if you plan on taking your brand photos at a local natural light photography studio. ┬áBrand photography is just a behind the scenes of what it is like to work with you! Clients can picture themselves getting to know your unique personality, so just do your thing!

Shot ideas and props for brand shoot


Beach Therapy Services Brand Photos

After that, we switched backdrops again and she did some more outfit changes. We took some pictures of Annie with a mug, writing in a journal, typing on a computer, on the phone, and several different headshots and full length shots. These photos will help her clients and potential clients connect with her on a deeper level before ever even talking with her!

counselor making an overwhelmed expression

Branding shoot showcasing love of travel

His beloved tattoo

brand photo shoot in Dallas of woman snorkeling

black and white headshot of Dallas woman

Dallas branding shoot for therapist

Beach Therapy Brand Photos

Beach Therapy Brand Shoot

Beach Therapy Brand Shoot

Beach Therapy Brand Shoot

Tips for having photos taken at a studio

  • View the studio’s website and pick your favorite:
    • Props
    • Furniture (sofas, chairs, end tables, plants, rugs etc)
    • Backgrounds
  • Have a plan for which scenes you will need (i.e. an office scene)
  • Arrive on time and be ready to start right away
  • Book enough time in studio considering
    • moving all the things
    • outfit changes
    • cleaning up and leaving in time for the next clients
  • Have a play list ready
  • Stay hydrated!
  • Bring all your items in a wagon or suitcase

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