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Lifestyle Images for Rockwall Realtor


Personal Brand Photography

blog post with branding images for a Rockwall, TX real estate agent

Lifestyle Images for Rockwall Realtor

No crossing arms! That was the rule for lifestyle images for Rockwall realtor, Jen of Keller Williams. The traditional realtor pose is out, and in place of it, a fresh branding session to show various aspects of the industry. Jen is a girl with ambitious business goals, which is extremely helpful when planning a branding shoot! For example, she knew that she was going to be having a veteran promotion, so she asked a friend to come pose in a few photos for her upcoming promos. She also wanted to feature her mentors, so was sure to include them in the shoot as well.

Lifestyle Images for Rockwall Realtor at her friend’s home

When planning your photo session, think strategically of how you can utilize unique locations. Jen is a repeat client, so she didn’t want her photos to be the same as last time. So, she phoned a friend and asked to utilize their beautiful home for the first part of the shoot. She knew she wanted some backyard, patio and pool shots and some front of the house images as well. She brought a few different outfits and viewers can’t even tell it’s the same place and the same day.

Lifestyle Images for Rockwall Realtor at her office

After taking the first set of lifestyle images for Rockwall realtor, Jen, we drove nearby to her Keller Williams office at Trend Towers. I’m telling you, there is even a view of downtown Dallas out one of the 4th story windows that is gorgeous! We started out in her office, and then moved to the conference room for the shots with additional people. Finally, we hopped in her car and drove to the parking garage. *Hint* I LOVE taking photos in parking garages – it never fails that I can find great light somewhere! What I loved about these shots is that we captured Jen in her car – a place where she does a ton of her work! Behind the scenes images help clients picture all the details of what you do. It was a fabulous shoot and so fun to work with Jen again!

Lifestyle images for Rockwall Realtor Lifestyle images for Rockwall Realtor Texas real estate agent in backyard TX realtor in front of house realtor working by car Lifestyle images for Rockwall Realtor realtor on back patio business woman wearing yellow shirt Lifestyle images for Rockwall Realtor Realtor on the phone in car

TX relator by car

Lifestyle images for Rockwall Realtor real estate agent with mentor office photos of real estate agent real estate agent in blue dress in office house sale for a Veteran handshake with a Veteran real estate agent branding headshots Rockwall realtor headshot realtor photo woman walking in Parkin garage

happy business woman

woman wearing a baseball cap

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