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Secrets to Planning Your Branding Photo Session


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PSSSTT, ya wanna know some secrets to planning your branding photo session? Well, as a personal brand photographer, I recently stepped in front of Leksi Steritt’s camera and practiced what I preach!

I feel I learned so much from being on the other side of the camera so I’m going to break it all down for you here!

3 Reasons Why I Hired a Branding Photographer

  1. I wanted to be relaxed, posed, and pampered. In short, I just didn’t want to have to think technically!
  2. I wanted to be in love with the final images.
  3. I value my marriage! (In his defense, Jamie is a great photographer, but it’s a lot of pressure for a husband who isn’t trained to deliver what his picky photographer wife wants!) 🙂

How I prepped for the photo shoot

Ok, you have to remember, I prep clients all the time for their shoots, so surely I could prep for my own, right? Well, I found it funny that I did prep but not as thoroughly as I prep my clients! I give all my clients a personalized shot list with times and poses and outfits and sample pictures. For my own photos, I did a shortened version of that:

Branding pictures list

So, here is a breakdown of what I did to prepare details:

3 Months before brand shoot:

  • Booked photographer, date, and paid deposit
  • Started a plan to lose about 5 pounds

1 Month before brand shoot:

  • Booked hair and makeup appointments
  • Started gathering photo ideas on pinterest
  • Started shopping my closet and added a couple of other pieces
  • Made a desired shot list that I sent my photographer

1 Week before  brand shoot:

  • Got plenty of rest
  • Gathered props (lead magnet, laptop, purse, camera, hat etc)
  • Tried on and ironed clothes

Final Images From My Brand Shoot

secrets to planning your branding photo session

business woman in black jacket and jeans

surprised expression for branding shoot

lifestyle branding portrait at plano legacy west

secrets to planning your branding photo session

graphic praying momma tee and hat

business woman walking across street

What Went Well

These are the secrets to planning your branding photo session!

  • For sake of time, I’m really glad I wore the same jeans and just switched up the shirts and blazers. This could be done with sweaters and jackets too. Wearing an undershirt and changing right by my car was super simple and fast and modest!
  • Being super planned so we could get a ton of variety in a short time
  • Booking in early June before it got to hot in TX
  • Wearing a graphic tee that’s on par with my messaging
  • Doing a variety of expressions and poses to be able to use these photos in multiple ways
  • Sticking to a diet so I felt confident
  • Bringing just enough props to tell a story, but not too many that I didn’t remember everything I had and got overwhelmed
  • Having a photographer with an incredible eye and skill and ideas in the middle of the session that weren’t on the “plan”
  • Wearing high heels
  • Sticking to my brand colors/neutral colors in clothing choices
  • Getting my hair and makeup done
  • The location – how I LOVED the vibe at Plano Legacy West

My props and clothes as I changed! 🙂

What I would change about my brand photo shoot

I’m gonna get really picky here!

  • I forgot to put on my jewelry in the rush of changing outfits! It’s not a big deal, but if I had slowed down, I might have remembered!
  • I would like to have booked my session for after I had a little more of a tan. Not a fake orange tan, but a little more glow. However, then we would have been getting into the TX summer heat, so it’s a give and take!
  • I forgot to reapply lipstick!

How I’m using my branding photos

  • Email newsletters
  • Email signature
  • Profile photos
  • About me (in my course and on my website)
  • Advertising
  • Social media
  • So much more as the need arises! These will last me a few years!

How I felt immediately after my branding photo shoot

  • Relieved! Glad for good weather (it rained for 3 weeks prior to the session!), lots of variety, and that it went well!
  • So glad we changed locations 20 minutes before the shoot – yes, we did! The radar showed rain at the original Dallas location, so we pivoted to Plano last minute! It was a crazy call, but it worked out!
  • Happy to have worked with a branding photographer and not a general photographer. There are specific needs for branding photos, and that only comes with an experienced photographer!


*Professional photos in this post were taken by Leksi Sterrit Photography

Dallas branding photographers

I’d love to help you with your branding photography!

If you are ready to take your branding photos to the next level, I’m happy to help! You can let your spouse or friends off the hook. You don’t have to struggle through selfies! When you hire me, you get 15 years of photographic experience! I specialize in branding photos for Christian businesswomen in Dallas and around the country and would love to tell your story! Contact me for a free discovery call!

If you liked this post, read about my branding photos last year that my sweet husband took for me, in a post entitled, Five Reasons to Hire a Branding Photographer!

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