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What to Wear on your Brand Photo Shoot


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clothing for your photo shoot

Are you planning your outfits for your brand photos and wondering what will look best on camera? Deciding what to wear on your brand photo shoot doesn’t have to be hard! Here are my top five tips!

1. Wear your brand colors

Think about your brand colors. What colors on a photo shoot will coordinate with all your marketing? I can’t overstate how important this is! If you’re brand colors are soft, but you wear bright purple in your photos, there will be absolutely no cohesiveness in your overall brand image.

female business owner wearing a bright top

2. Texture over patterns

Texture is more important than patterns. The camera picks up on subtle fabric textures and they add a beautiful depth to the image without distracting the viewer. Crazy patterns can be overbearing and move the viewers eyes to the clothing instead of your face.

textured sweater for lifestyle photos

3. Wear something timeless throughout the seasons

Choose clothing that can be used all year round. Seasonal outfits can be very fun, and if you are a blogger or influencer who has a brand shoot every month, then, yes, go for seasonal! However, if you plan on having branding photos taken once or twice a year, it’s best to get as much mileage out of them as possible by wearing something that looks as good in December as it does in July!

Brand Shoot for Dallas Health coach

4. Take inventory of your current selection

Deciding what to wear on your brand photo shoot can actually be as simple as looking in your closet before you go out shopping. Take inventory to see what colors and types of clothing you already have and love. It’s best to wear something comfortable and something you feel pretty in. (P.S. A hat and big jewelry are always a win!)

blogger lifestyle photos Dallas

5. Wear a “flexible” outfit

Think about how you will be posing. If you will be sitting a lot in your pictures, jeans will be more flexible than a tight pencil skirt. However, if you can, try to schedule a shoot long enough so that you can change into several different outfits. This will give you variety and it won’t always look the same when you post. The easiest way to accomplish this when you are in a public place is to wear jeans and a cami and just change out the tops and add a blazer or cardigan.

what to wear in your brand photo shoot

ideas for Dallas branding shoot

What do I wear in my branding photo shoot?

  • Wear your brand colors
  • An outfit with texture
  • Something that is timeless throughout the seasons
  • Clothing that is comfortable and your style
  • An outfit you can pose in

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