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5 Indoor Locations for Your Branding Photos


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5 Indoor locations for branding photos

Where is the absolute best place to have your personal branding photos taken, whether you live in the Dallas area, or anywhere? In last week’s blog, I gave three reasons to have your brand images taken indoors. Today, we are going to dive deeper and look at some places right around you that you may not have thought of, with five indoor locations for your branding photos.

1. Take your branding photos in a local photography studio

These studios are popping up everywhere! Things have changed so much over the years. Photographers only shot in studios when I was a high school senior getting my pictures taken. Then, the trend moved to outdoors. Now, some photographers have their own studios, but many rent studios as they do both outdoor and indoor work. One of my hobbies is to try out new studios and sometimes I’ll drive upwards of an hour just to check a new one out! Although they prices vary, the average price is about $75/hour. The price goes down somewhat if you book several hours or pre-purchase times to use later. Some are natural light, stock rolling backdrops, and have trendy furniture and props. They are by far my favorite indoor locations to shoot at as they understand the needs of photographers.


indoor location for Branding image

2. Take your branding photos at a local coffee shop

If you don’t mind other patrons around while you pose for the camera, this is another one of the great indoor locations for your branding photos option. Of course you will want to call the owner ahead of time to make sure you have permission. You can also ask when it is the least crowded and schedule around that time. Many shops have great window light, trendy decorating, and just an overall business-casual feel that is great for posing with your laptop or phone in a happening place!

Woman atDallas coffee shops

3. Take your branding photos in your office

If you have an office area, or workspace, it really gives your audience a great way to envision you working in your own space. Plus, you will have very unique photos. Obviously, no one else will have the same set up and furniture as you do, so if you want your photos to be unique, this is a good way to do that.

personal brand photos in an office Dallas

4. Use your home as an indoor location for your branding photos

If you have great decor and plenty of natural light, your own home will be a great place for the shoot. Just make sure that you have cleaned up and picked up very well before hand. The benefit is that you have all your clothes and jewelry and everything you need close by. The drawback can be the extra stress of pre-cleaning and preparing the space. If you are photographing in your home, be aware of the small things. For example, put away things that normally may sit out on the counter, like vitamins. Hide waste baskets and plugs. As much as possible, keep things to a minimum so the focus is on you!

take your branding photos in your home

5. Utilize a friend’s home or a model home as an indoor location for your branding photos

Maybe your home isn’t the best option, but think about your friends and family. Many of them are happy to lend your their space for a photo shoot. Another creative option is to ask around at local model homes in your area to see if they would be open for you using their space for a shoot.

The options for indoor branding photo sessions can be limitless, when you start looking around. I know people who rent Air B+B’s, hotel rooms or co-working spaces. Wedding venues are also fun places to have your branding photo shoot at.

take your branding photos in your home

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