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3 Reasons to Book an Indoor Brand Photo Shoot


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book an indoor brand shoot Dallas

You have put a LOT of effort into planning your personal brand photo shoot! Booking an indoor brand photo shoot can alleviate a lot of stress due to factors outside of your control, specifically the weather! But, there are several reasons to consider having your personal brand photos taken indoors.

blonde woman in reading chair

1. Book an Indoor Brand Photo Shoot to be free of weather worries

With all the planning that goes into a brand shoot, including scheduling nails, hair, makeup and possibly more, it’s a real bummer when the session has to be rescheduled due to rain, high winds, or freezing cold temperatures. With an indoor session, be it at a studio, or a home, or somewhere else, you can be at ease that you will look your best without all the weather distractions.

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2. Convenience of an onsite dressing room

For branding photos, I highly recommend that clients change a number of times throughout the shoot. Multiple outfits give a variety of looks so it doesn’t seem the photos were all taken on the same day. There’s no need to roam around wasting time looking for a restroom, or the inconvenience of having to change in your car. An indoor location provides a place to retouch your makeup and change outfits conveniently and quickly.

indoor brand photo shoot indoor brand photo shoot at table Dallas

3. Booking an indoor brand shoot allows for simulation of an office environment

Most likely a lot of the work you do as an entrepreneur is either at home or a mobile office. An indoor session can help your viewers visualize you in a comfortable space working on all the amazing content you produce! Although it may not be your particular home, it can draw your audience into your behind the scenes work.

indoor brand photo shoot in home brand photo shoot

a little about this shoot

Cynthia’s shoot was shot at a local model home on a day I hosted mini-sessions there. She does amazing work in catalyzing the conversation on women, leadership, and the church. You can check out all her work, including her blog and upcoming course at

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In the end, outdoor sessions can be wonderful too! However, there are several benefits of indoor locations as you plan your photo shoot. If this was helpful, check out more branding education blog posts, such as Three Instagram Worthy Natural Light Studios in DFW. Even if you aren’t in the Dallas metroplex, they give great ideas for venues for you to look into in your area.

Kelly McMullin Photography is a Dallas Branding Photographer specializing in personal branding photography that helps you elevate your small business, build client trust, and increase profits. Join the waitlist of my digital course: Plan Your Dream Personal Brand Photo Shoot.


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