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Excuses Women Use to Avoid Personal Branding Photos


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excuses women use to avoid personal branding photos in Dallas

Another business woman recently told me that we have to choose our hard. Avoiding branding photos by making excuses, and not publishing to social media because you don’t have any personal images are both hard.

Neither one is easy. But, it’s so worth it to have a plethora of photos to choose from when it’s time to launch your course, your new website, or send a photo to the podcast you’ll be guest speaking on.

Six Excuses Women Use to Avoid Personal Branding Photos

  1. “I haven’t lost the last 10 pounds.”
  2. “I’m unsure how to pose.”
  3. “What do I wear.”
  4. “This can be DIY’ed”
  5. “I just don’t like photo shoots.”
  6. “I don’t know where to start or what photos I need.”

Why the Excuses Don’t Cut it

  1. Ya’ll, I’ve used this excuse for family photos, and ya know what? I totally regret it! Every season in life is different and we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Just do it. Go for it. Maybe you aren’t at the weight you want to be, but showing up as your authentic self is what will relate to your clients anyway. I wish each of my clients could see how beautiful they really are, “imperfections” and all.
  2. Oh, boy, posing can be AWKWARD! But, it doesn’t have to be! Literally, I’ll take care of you! I’ll show you how to have “soft, feather fingers”, remind you to take a few deep breaths so you can relax your shoulders, and move you in a way that flatters your body. If you can take directions, you can do this! You can’t mess it up!
  3. On our strategy call, we’ll talk about this. Basically, I recommend that you wear something you feel pretty in, something with sleeves, and something that coordinates with your brand colors so you stay consistent in your branding.
  4. Sure, you can DIY this, but if you want to be 100% professional looking, hiring a branding photographer is the way to go. I can also tell you from experience that setting a timer or having a family member take photos is not only stressful, but a good way to put strain on relationships! The minute your business is profitable, is when you should be unleveling your image with professional photography.
  5. Maybe being in front of the camera isn’t really your thing. Maybe eating vegetables isn’t your thing either! But, you do what you know you need to do. You know the benefits outweigh the dislike, so you do it. Maybe, in the meantime, you might actually enjoy it more than you think!
  6. Good news – you don’t have to know what you need. In fact, you’re not expected to! The first thing you do is easy – schedule a discovery call with a professional photographer (I know a good one!), talk with them to see if you are a good fit, and they will explain how to proceed throughout the process. You got this! It’s easier than you think! No excuses!

Here’s a reel I made on this topic!

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