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3 Instagram Worthy Natural Light Studios in DFW for Your Personal Brand Photos


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How do you feel when you work really hard to plan something and then have to reschedule it due to weather? It’s kind of a let down and an inconvenience.

Because personal branding sessions are different than portrait sessions in that they require a lot of upfront detailed planning, I schedule most of my personal brand photo sessions for indoors.

I get the opportunity to try out various natural light  studios in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and today I am sharing my top three favorites with you!

3 Natural Light DFW Studios for Personal Brand Photos

# 3 Natural Light Studio: The Lumen Room Dallas: Lifestyle

The Lumen Room has several natural light studios around the metroplex. I’ve used the two in Dallas and the one in Plano. They also have a location in Fort Worth, which I have not been to. The Dallas rooms are both located in the same building. Both rooms are spacious with natural light. However, the Lifestyle Room is my favorite just because I love the warm colors of the brick wall.There is an elevator if your client needs to haul lots of props. Even when shooting on a cloudy day, there is ample natural light flowing in.  Although there is not a restroom in the space, there is one available right down the hall. In addition, there is a garment rack for hanging clothes and a privacy area for changing.

Parking: free

Size: 1200 square feet

Props: Modern looking chairs, couches, plants, rugs, desk, table, bed, various rolling backdrops (see their website)


natural light studio in Dallas

natural light studio in dew

# 2  The Urban Fire House – North Richland Hills

As a Fixer Upper fan, I absolutely love seeing old things transformed into something new and modern and useful. I was immediately drawn to the Urban Fire House for that very reason. The renovated modern and spacious space is one of the natural light studios used for both events and photography rentals.  What the space was lacking in rolling backdrops, it made up for in variety. White walls worked for backgrounds, floor to ceiling windows, a staircase, and an outside area with black brick and modern furniture. Although there was not a garment rack, there were two easily accessible bathrooms and a small kitchen also available with the rental. Ambiant music played as we shot, which was a nice touch. Although all the downstairs open space is available for rental, be aware that there may be employees working upstairs if it is a weekday shoot.

Parking: free with easy access to studio

Size: 1720 square feet

Props: One double-sided rolling backdrop, props inside the prop closet include a ladder, plants and decorative objects. Furniture includes a couple of rugs, a green couch, and clean lined chairs.



#1 Natural Light Studio: Black and Light Studio – Carrolton

When you come home to download your images onto your computer and then realize that they hardly need any editing at all, you have just found THE. PERFECT.STUDIO! This place is a dream come true!  The customer service for all three studios is amazing, but this one goes above and beyond. For example, they stock the bathroom with practical things a client may need such as a lint roller.  Water and La Croix’s are stocked up in the mini fridge.

The floors in this studio are white, so they provide disposable booties for the photographers to wear so as not to damage the floor. (You can take off your shoes though, if you’d rather.)  You receive an entry code upon making your reservations. The shades are automatic to let in the right amount of light. There is bluetooth to connect your music. However, my favorite part of this studio (aside from the light coming in on two sides) is the sheer amount of backdrops, furniture and props! I would highly recommend you come in with a plan. Visit the website first and know what you want to use in order to make the best use of your time. Otherwise you will end up like a kid in a candy shop, and if you have adult ADHD, you will be overwhelmed with all the fun choices!

Parking: free in shopping area; nearby elevator

Size: 2100 square feet

Props: Modern looking chairs, couches, plants, rugs, desk, table, bed, several various rolling backdrops (see their website)


Additional Information

To see full sessions previewed in this post, visit them here: Lumen Room Session, Light and Black Studio Session

Have you used a natural light photo studio in the DFW area? If so, tell me in the comments which ones and the pros and cons about them! *If you own a natural light studio in Dallas and would like to be included in a review, please contact me.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a photographer, if you are interested in learning more about how to plan a personal brand photo shoot, join the waitlist for my upcoming course! In the meantime, download a free checklist to get started thinking about your shoot!

Kelly McMullin is a Dallas branding photographer and educator specializing in personal brand photography. Personal branding photography helps elevate your small business, build client trust and increase profits.


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