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Expressions to Use in Your Personal Brand Photo Shoot


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So, you want to make your personal brand photos look different than everyone else’s, right? You may even already be thinking about very specific launches or products coming out that you will need advertising for.  How about adding a fun expression into the mix in your next branding shoot! For example:

1. Point

You can have a fun expression on your face while you point up or to the side. Your personal brand photographer can leave empty space so that you will have room for a graphic to announce a sale, a new course, a website rebrand, or anything!

expression and pointing for brand photos

2. Whisper/Shhh

Are you about to release a new product or contest? Have an ideas for a post about it? Maybe it won’t be coming out for a few days, but your email audience gets a sneak peek! So many ways you can use an image like this!


whisper expresssions



3. Surprise Expression

Your ideal clients will wonder what is going on when you act surprised in your personal branding photo! See more expressions on Emily’s blog post.

expressions of surprise

4. Excitement Expression

There is always something to celebrate! Wins on Fridays, birthdays, the anniversary of your business, a client’s success, reaching a certain number of followers! The sky is the limit!

5. Thinking

Use an image like this to relate with your clients. Perhaps a post about what you are thinking about offering your audience next!

thinking expressions in brand photography

Your personal branding photos do not have to be dull and the same ole’, same ole’! Spice them up with a few creative expressions and keep  your audience engaged, connected, and ready to come back for more! Here are just a couple of examples of how my clients have used their photos in real life!

ER Emily has a medical YouTube channel. She uses her personal brand photos with all kinds of expressions, like this one, as covers for episodes.

expressions in personal brand photography

Wedding photographer, Courtney Lynn, used one of her excitement expressions to welcome viewers to her website! Her photo says she is fun and will be easy going on the wedding day!


Finally, Becca Simone, website designer, created this cover photo for an Instagram Reel! She then used Canva to bring even more attention to the photo! As a side note, I use Canva all the time and although there is a free version, the pro version is worth every penny!

See the reel!

Now that you’ve seen some real world examples, I hope your brain is spinning with ideas for your next session! Let me know in the comments what expressions you are planning on using at your next personal brand photo session! Then download the free checklist to plan your photo shoot even more.

Interested in planning a personal brand shoot, either as an entrepreneur or a photographer looking into transitioning into personal brand photography? Sign up for the waitlist for my upcoming course!

expressions in personal brand photos Dallas

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