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Bold + Beautiful Behind the Scenes


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What’s your day to day like?

“It’s just not that exciting” Lana told me on our strategy call.

“Wait, hold up!” I replied! “What is your mundane and everyday task, IS exciting to me! I don’t know what you do behind the scenes to get these beautiful window treatments up. So, let’s “treat” the clients with a sneak peek of what it’s really like to work with you.”

When Lana first consulted me, all I knew was that she sold window treatments. That world is completely foreign to me. I moved into my house over ten years ago and have not one handy bone in my body and no idea what all the options are!

Help your audience visualize what you do

So, as she explained her job, I ferociously jotted down notes till my hand cramped!

  • I could see her with a “client” showing what it is she does
  • I  visualized her coming to the door, while a “client” opened it
  • I envisioned her flipping through samples
  • I could see her with a remote, or pointing to the blinds

The amazing thing about these behind the scenes images, is that it gives potential clients a glimpse into what it would be like working with Lana. Not only will Lana have stellar images for her website and weekly postcards she sends out (brand recognition), but she will also have endless social media content. Just a few examples include:

Get the most mileage out of your images

  • She can utilize them in posts about her service area
  • She can use them to eliminate fear among potential clients about who will be coming into their home
  • She can connect over a pattern that has shared interest
  • She can give informational carousels on Instagram about the process of working with her from start to finish

The beautiful thing was that after our initial phone conversation, Lana shared with me how excited she now was for the shoot. What she first hesitated about, became a reality as we drew up plans and details together.

To learn more about working with Lana, visit her website! Now that you’ve seen her behind the scenes, you’ll feel ready to jump on board!

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Kelly McMullin Photography is a Dallas branding photographer specializing in personal brand photography and educating business owners. Personal branding photography helps elevate your small business, build client trust and increase profits.

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