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3 Ways to Get Personal With Personal Brand Photos


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3 ways to Personalize your personal brand photos | Kelly McMullin Photography

Go Behind the Scenes

Do you have a favorite reality show? Back in the day I used to love watching Survivor! What is it that made those shows so popular? By nature, we are curious about how other people live, what they do, and how they respond under pressure. We don’t always want to see a polished finish. The messy, awkward, authenticity is what draws us in.  In other words, we need to get more personal.

So, why then are we afraid to show our true selves in our businesses? People want to work with other people, not brands. Clients want to see how we overcame a rough start, or how we figured out a solution to a problem. One of my favorite wedding photographers, Katelyn James, has a monthly membership where photographers can “be the virtual third shooter” and watch her shoot a wedding. She doesn’t edit out all the problems, but works through tough lighting situations and timelines that are going as planned etc.

“People love finding out the little secrets of all kinds of businesses. They’ll see the sweat and effort that goes into what you sell. They’ll develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for what you do. Think no one will care? Think again. Even seemingly boring jobs can be fascinating. The Discovery Channel turned fishing into a highly rated show.” – Rework by Jason Freid and David Hansson

How Can Your Business Get More Personal?

In order to show your customers who you authentically are, ask yourself:

1.How can I visually show my audience the process?

2.What are tools I use in my business every day?

3. How can my personality come out?

Show Your Process

Let’s say you are a hairdresser like Mindy from Hair Society Co.. Headshots are nice, but just a small part of your personal branding. Potential customers need to feel at ease with you before they even walk in the door. Showcasing images of you washing a client’s hair, curling it, or showing them a product are ways to connect and build trust. Think about it. People will not feel as intimidated coming to your salon, because they have seen the space and have seen other happy customers in your pictures. Pair those images with your own words, and now clients are forming a bond with you and seeing you as a human being instead of a faceless salon.

dallas branding photo for salon | Kelly McMullin Photography

Show Your Tools

By showcasing things you work with everyday, you’re letting your audience in. For many, that may be as simple as taking some brand photos with your laptop, a planner, and your phone. Others use very specific tools depending on what they provide or sell. Amy, for example, owner of Optimum Wellness and Nutrition, obviously eats a lot of fruits and vegetables. She uses her blender for amazing healthy smoothies. So, here is what that looks like visually:

Personal Brand Photography for Dallas health coach

Let Your Personality Shine

I have worked with a myriad of personalities, from shy to life of the party! Your audience loves to work with you because others may sell the same thing, but they have a connection with you! Yes, you may repel some, but that’s ok, because they aren’t your ideal client anyway. You need to speak to your people. So, show them who you are like Emily, AKA ER Emily on Youtube, did! If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one sure is!

Personal Brand Photography of Dallas youtuber


Kelly McMullin Photography is a Dallas Branding Photographer specializing in personal branding photography that helps you elevate your small business, build client trust, and increase profits. Did you enjoy this personal branding education post? Looking for more brand photography sessions for inspiration? View Amy’s full post here. You can also view my website for more Dallas branding sessions. If you’re looking for a branding photographer to capture your unique personality for your business in Dallas or the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Id’ love to hear from you. Or, if you like to know more or book a session, I’d love to chat with you on a free discovery call!


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