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Brand Shoot for Dallas Educator: Lead. Learn. Innovate. LLC | Lumen Room | Plano, TX


Personal Brand Photography


In this brand shoot for educator and former principal, Katie, we planned and designed it for her upcoming course. Her online course for teachers will help them design and cultivate an education career they LOVE! Providing resources, tools, and coaching to allow educators to:

  1. leverage their expertise and experience to craft a side hustle,
  2. pivot careers within education or
  3. explore roles outside of traditional schools and districts.


Her ideal customer is a PreK-12 teacher who has probably been teaching at least two years. They might be burned out, bored, need more flexibility, want to make more money, or moving. I want them to think it’s easy to take steps toward a new career path. This includes staying in the classroom but creating a side hustle or becoming a teacher expert (i.e. author, speaker, curriculum writer).

Brand shoot at Lumen Room

Katie’s Personal Brand Shoot

As a former educator, it goes without saying that Katie has a love for books. She also loves organizers and planner (a girl after my heart), so we captured images around those themes. Katie and I met in a course we are taking called Digital Course Academy. We are learning how to create courses for our audiences so we can help more people! If you have ever sold a course before, you know just how many pages need personal brand photos! Sales pages, email, website, course content and more!

Part of her photoshoot included pictures with a subscription box she’s launching for educational leadership. The box will revolve around her four pillars of leadership: lead, learn, connect and innovate. It will include surprises such as notes of appreciation for staff, planners, books, things to leave for teachers and more!

Actually, Katie has so many ideas including a Facebook group and podcast, it’s amazing! Her photo shoot was so versatile, with lots of variety, that no matter which road she goes down, she will have brand images that show her unique personality.

Comment what your favorite background is in these branding images!

Brand Shoot for Educator


Brand shoot for educator

Brand Shoot for Educator

Brand Shoot for Educator Brand Shoot for Educator Lumen Room

Brand Shoot for Educator Lumen Room Brand Shoot for Educator

Brand Shoot for Educator

Brand Shoot for Educator Brand Shoot for Educator Brand Shoot for Educator

branding images, Dallas

Kelly McMullin Photography is a Dallas Branding Photographer specializing in personal branding photography that helps you elevate your small business, build client trust and increase profits. Did you enjoy this Lumen Room Plano Branding Session? Looking for more Lumen Room sessions for inspiration? View this Lumen Room Personal Branding Session! You can also view my website for more Dallas branding sessions. If you’re looking for a branding photographer to capture your unique personality for your business in Dallas or the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Id’ love to hear from you. Or, if you like to know more or book, I’d love to chat with you on a free discovery call!



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