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ER Emily Brand Photos | Lumen Room, Plano


Personal Brand Photography

ER Emily Background

What happens when you get sick or start experiencing unknown symptoms? You go to google or Web MD, right?  BORING. Well, now, thanks to ER Emily, it’s going to be so much easier (and fun) to learn about medical conditions! Emily, or ER Emily, as she is affectionally known, will be your go-to girl! How? She’ll be coming to you with the latest information in layman’s terms on her YouTube channel! She is your personal medical dictionary (and we had fun with that prop on her shoot!) Instead of having to read about it, watch her video and she’ll give you a quick, entertaining description with a visual image and mnemonic to help you remember! I have no doubt her channel will be a success! She should win an award for how many different facial expressions she exhibited in her session! Expressions that will draw viewers in to watch!

With Emily’s past experience in the ER and current work at UT Southwestern, she is smart, professional, reliable and of course, fun and entertaining!

ER Emily Brand Photos Planning

After our discovery call, Emily told me she thought about her upcoming shoot often. She pulled out her Notes app any time any idea came to mind. (Because don’t the best ideas come at the strangest times?!) She also sourced props from her own home (yay, for not having to spend more money!) and was very intentional about details. I’m telling y’all, the planning makes all the difference! I had mentioned on our call that we should use a dictionary, and honestly, wondered if they were even in print any more! But, Emily did so much better than that! She found an album maker on Etsy and they designed a custom cover in her colors and fonts that said “dictionary”! Genious! Love it! She also found cute notebooks and such at Home Goods (which also happens to be one of my favorite stores!)

Not only did Emily send me tons of images she loved on her pinterest board, she also added a detailed shot list so she knew exactly what poses she wanted with what color scrubs. She also wrote down exactly which items she wanted in images for flat lays! I love how much she thought this shoot out in advance and loved the way it turned out! Check out this reel of us behind the scenes! We really crammed a lot in (5 different scrubs in various shades of blue and black + her lab coat!).

Which color scrub do you like best on Emily?

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ER Emily Brand Photo Shoot, Dallas
ER Emily Brand Photos
ER Emily with x-ray
ER Emily Brand Photos, Dallas
nurse in black scrubs photo shoot
nurse with stethoscope checking phone
ER Emily Photo Shoot Lumen Room
ER Emily Branding Photo Shoot, Plano, TX
calculator and stethoscope flat lay
ER Emily Brand Photos
sleepy nurse
doctor checking watch
ER Emily Medical BrandingPhoto Shoot
ER Emily Brand Photos Dallas, TX
ER Emily Headshot

These are some of Emily’s inspirational pins!

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