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3 Pro Tips for Your Next Personal Brand Shoot


Personal Brand Photography

RC Style Guide Brand Shoot Background

New clients often contact me for a personal brand photo shoot because of two reasons:

  1. They are just starting a business. Perhaps they are leaving corporate, ready for a change and to be their own boss – OR-
  2. They are refreshing/rebranding.

Roxanne’s reason was the second. She already has a wildly successful business as a personal stylist and also has a monthly style membership. Because she has two different target markets, she needed some updated images for her membership market. The mission is to offer practical and affordable personal wardrobe styling guidance to women who are ready to transform their wardrobes and transform their lives in a membership community. By sharing, inspiring, and co-creating a journey to self discovery in a non-judgmental space, members are empowered to take ownership of their personal image and brand. Find out more at

While on the strategy call, Roxanne showed me the three places we would take pictures in at her home:

  1. Office
  2. Master Closet
  3. Client Dressing Room

Getting to see the space ahead of time is always so helpful! PRO TIP: Give your photographer as much information ahead of time as possible, just like Roxanne did.  She also sent over some sample pinterest images. Any time you can do this for your photographer, it helps immensely so we can see what you are drawn to!

Photo Shoot Day

Because we had a detailed shot list, we had an action plan. As her assistant finished getting her makeup done,  (Shout out to Eyes by Erica!) I started in the HUGE walk in closet taking stills of purses, shoes, and jewelry.

From there we moved to the office and captured images of of Roxanne and Sydnie looking through a fashion book, pretending to be on you tube, and just having fun working together. It was the classic behind the scenes shots! PRO TIP: IF the photo shoot is in your home, have all your props ready and area cleaned. Hide unsightly wires, tissue boxes, trash cans etc!

Once again, for the RC Style Guide photo shoot we moved to a new scene – this time the dressing room. We captured photos of Roxanne and Sydnie next to the garment rack, steaming blouses, holding up clothes in the mirror and more.

Since it was such a nice day, and I’m a big lover of variety, we finished the shoot off at The Shops at Legacy in Plano. We found a quiet, low traffic area, but then moved to the restaurants and shops and used body blocking techniques to hide the shoppers from the images! To say this shoot was fun, would be an understatement! Roxanne and Sydnie fed off of each other’s energy and truly enjoyed being in front of the camera! Obviously, with their profession, they felt super comfortable in their wardrobe choices! PRO TIP: Hire Roxanne and Sydnie or join their membership community to help you know exactly how to dress for your body type on your next photo shoot! Oh, and if you love simple style, check out Stephanie’s brand photos.

RC Style Brand Shoot Jewelry RC Style Brand Shoot High Heels Jewelry Purse and Heels Gold clutch Red heels and closet of high heels

RC Style Brand Shoot RC Style Brand Personal Brand Photos

Personal Branding Photos flipping through book at desk

RC Style Guide Shoot Headshots RC Style Brand Shoot RC Style Guide Brand Shoot Journal Personal Brand Photo Shoot Writing in Notebook RC Style Guide Brand Shoot at computer

Business woman with laptop RC Style Guide Brand Shoot RC Style Guide Brand Shoot on Youtube Brand shoot behind the scenes Dallas Personal Brand Photo Shoot for RC Style Guide

Garment Rack Hanging clothes on rack RC Style Guide Photo Shoot RC Style Guide Photo by garment rack RC Style Brand Shoot RC Style Guide Brand Shoot DFW RC Style Brand Shoot Steaming blouse RC Style Guide Brand Shoot Steaming Blouse RC Style Brand Shoot

stylist steaming dress RC Style Brand Shoot Headshot RC Stye Brand Shoot Dallas RC Style Brand Photo Shoot Headshot Dallas Dallas personal stylist laughing on brand photo shoot

RC Style Brand Shoot with laptop and cell phone

RC Style Brand Shoot

Roxanne Personal Stylist Photo Shoot Dallas

RC Style Brand Shoot

RC Style Guide Brand Photo Shoot Dallas

Dallas lifestyle headshot

RC Style Guide businesswomen RC Style Guide Brand Photo shoot

Like the way Roxanne prepped for her personal brand photo shoot? It all starts with your free brand photo shoot checklist!

3 Pro tips for your next personal brand shoot

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