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Functional Pharmacist Brand Shoot


Personal Brand Photography

Backstory of a Functional Pharmacist: Lemonade out of Lemons

What experience in your life has led you to a point where you decided to use it to bring hope to others? For Amaka, it was the series of medical issues after her third baby. Conventional medicine wasn’t helping. So, she started research, which led her to a functional OBGYN. Being helped tremendously, she¬†began her study of functional medicine shortly thereafter. Amaka’s¬†mission is to get people healthy so they can live physically, emotionally, and spiritually satisfying lives. Her clients are women with children in their 30’s to 50’s, valuing health while juggling family and career. Because she values integrity, compassion and vulnerability, she is able to connect deeply with her clients as a functional pharmacist.

Photo Shoot Plan for a Functional Pharmacist

When Amaka and I had a strategy call for her brand session, I learned a little of her story. She wanted her images to show her as a Christian, a business woman, a mom and a health enthusiast. We told these “stories” with images taken first at her home and then at the Elmer Olive Nature Park.

The advantages of having photos taken at your home are:

  1. They are very personal. No one else will have images similar!
  2. It’s super easy to change!
  3. You feel more comfortable within your own home.

We started on her back porch, which was shaded. I usually move furniture around a bit just to have minimal distractions. After taking some in her fitness clothes, she changed into some fun, bright colors to share her Nigerian heritage. Then we included the kids as she works from home with them bouncing around her! After a posed family shot, we moved indoors to the dining room. Amaka values teaching her children the Word of God and asked for pictures of them having devotions. Oh, guys, this is totally where I wish I was a videographer instead of a photographer! The conversation that happened around that table was priceless! Kids are curious and they asked deep theological questions. What a time to share Jesus with their open hearts!

Moving on to the nature park, we took some posed lifestyle and headshot images of Amaka alone. We used minimal props – basically just a purse and phone. Honestly, her beautiful, bright pink jacket made a statement all by itself!

Hit reply to let me know your favorite shot!

pinterest graphic for brand shoot

smiling woman with blessed shirt and jean jacket

Functional Pharmacist Brand Shoot

Functional Pharmacist Brand Shoot

Functional Pharmacist Brand Shoot

woman headshot with jean jacket and fun earrings family photo mom and children outside on couch children reading books woman lifting weights woman in yoga pose busy business woman with children

fitness entrepreneur in black tank top

family reading Bible at dining table Family Praying Together at Table

woman in pink jacket on bridge

woman with large purse

Functional Pharmacist Brand Shoot

businesswoman on phone

Functional Pharmacist Brand Shoot

happy woman lifestyle image

Functional Pharmacist Brand Shoot

woman in park

Lifestyle Headshot Dallas

Amaka’s not the only pharmacist that incorporated her family in the shoot! Check out Quality Care’s photo shoot with their daughter!

Hit reply to let me know if you’d rather do a shoot for just yourself, or also include your family. Don’t forget to download your free brand photo shoot checklist to help you prepare for your next session!

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