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Lead Funnel Basics: Why Your Website is so Important



By Guest Blogger – Becca | Web Designer | Alto Design Co

*Quick note from Kelly: Hey y’all! I have so many new clients navigating their way through all the changes lately. Many are completely refreshing websites, and some are starting a new business from the ground up! I’m so excited for you all and am thrilled to introduce you to my personal branding client who happens to be an AMAZING web designer! Becca is professional, fun, responsive and excels in customer service! I mean, literally, she can get you a website up in a week! I’m not even kidding! Your website is your “home” and it should completely reflect you (with awesome branding photos and copy!). She relates well with boss babes and truly delivers! You will gain all kinds of knowledge in this Client Spotlight! Listen up and take notes!*

Bit With the “Gotta Start a Biz” Bug

2020 has been one crazy ride, #amIright? It has surely been filled with lots of negatives. But, you know what I noticed? I noticed record numbers of friends starting new hobbies. And guess what? That hobby earned them a little money.

And the seed was planted.

You see, us entrepreneurs know that when you’re bit with the “gotta start a biz” bug – you honestly have no choice. That idea has found you. It has trusted you to bring it to life, and has formed an unshakeable bond. You better listen to it because it isn’t going anywhere.

Now, there’s a lot we can say about starting and marketing a legit business. In the middle of a pandemic. When you maybe-didn’t-really intend to start one at all. And you aren’t really sure it’s “legit” anyhow.  But here we are. You probably have questions.

I’m sure your wheels are turning a bit at this point. So let’s acknowledge those icky thoughts and tell them buh-bye. Cause we’ve got work to do.

‣ What if this side hustle isn’t a “legit business”? Then it wouldn’t even need a legit website… 
‣ How will my family and friends react if I launch a legit site? Will they support me or judge me? 
‣ I haven’t really thought this through. What if I change my mind in 10 months… or in 2? How do I create a website if I don’t even have a solid plan?

First things first… let’s clear up this idea of a “legit biz”. If someone is paying you for a product or a service. Girl, you’ve started a really legit biz. If you’ve got a killer idea you’re waiting to bring forth into the world, but haven’t quite talked about it, but know you’re going to ask for $$ in exchange for it… you’ve started a really legit biz. Own it. 

Now I’m sure your late-night-caffeine-fueled Google sesh has been amazing for figuring out everything and nothing all at once. So I’m going to break it down for you.

What, exactly? Well… marketing to start. Here are the basics. 

You need a lead funnel. (Don’t panic).

Your lead funnel should be simple to start.

Four Steps to a Lead Funnel That Sells

Step one: Create a website with simple and clear messaging

I know what you’re thinking… can’t I just talk about my biz on Insta? Well yes… but where are you going to send people once they’re aware you exist?

One of the beautiful things about a website is that it takes the burden off of you to repeat yourself and have the same conversation 1000 times. What is your process? *Go to the website. How do I book with you? *Go to the website. 

How do you create that site?? You’ve got options here. 

  • DIY that shiz. You can certainly go this route. Get something up, anything! Give yourself a deadline and work your booty off to launch it. You’ve got this.
  • Grab a template. There are great templates out on the market that give you structure (and are easier on the wallet). They’ll save you some DIY time and set your site up for success. 
  • Work with a pro. (Oh hey, that’s me! 😉) A website designer can fill you in on all the strategy and the BTS and save you from spending hours with your old pal, Google. They’ll coach you through copy, branding, and image needs and put together a killer site to help you meet your biz goals. 


Step two: Capture leads somehow

Typically this looks like an exchange of an opt-in (this is typically like a PDF that adds immediate value) for an email address. Guess where that lives?? On your website! 

Just remember that your opt-in is a gift. Jam pack it with actionable value and your reader will gladly hand over their precious email address. 

Later on down the line this can also be a Calendly or a way to set up a call with you if they’re a little closer to booking. Again… this is found on your website! 


Step three: Nurture those leads

Have you ever heard of the “know, like, trust” factor? The better people know you (because they hear from you regularly) the more they like you, and as a result the more they like you the more they eventually trust you. 

With that in mind you want to stay in front of these leads. Whether that is over Insta (or your platform of choice) or your email marketing list… keep yourself at the top of their mind because they keep seeing you “pop up”!


Step four: Close the sale

As you build that trust factor, it’ll be easier for your leads to buy from you. This can happen on your website for e-commerce products, or after a quick call if you provide a service. Either way, your lead funnel has paid off! Close the sale and focus on providing an amazing customer experience from that point forward! 

Now you’ll notice a lot of this revolves around your website (no surprise there, I am a website designer after all… what did you think I was going to talk about?!) 

If I can leave you with one piece of advice it is DO NOT WAIT. Don’t wait for your website to be perfect. Don’t wait for your business to be “figured out”. Don’t wait for perfection at the loss of just going for it. 

Here’s the thing.


Your website is never going to be “perfect” and you will never feel quite ready.

Controversial, I know. Silence that thought that popped up in your head that started with “but!” 

I know if you’re anything like me (hello, we’re both entrepreneurs so the chances are high) you’ll always be working on your business, your self, and your offer. 

We have to stop pretending like websites, marketing, and businesses overall are static. Like there will be some magical moment where the heavens align and you and your mindset and your service and your business and your copy are all perfectly aligned.

I can proudly tell you that my copy has changed 4x in the past 10 months. Because my process got better, my clients had a better experience, and my biz (and therefore my website) grew and changed as a result.

Your website should never be a “museum” of the day that you started your business. It shouldn’t hold you back.

Give yourself permission to jump in, feet first. You never know what could happen if you do! 

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