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5 Reasons to Hire a Brand Photographer for Your Brand Shoot


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Have you seen the Pinterest  “Nailed It/Failed It” memes? I think we can all relate on some level!

I have had high hopes about Pinterest projects I have tried to DIY. But, they just don’t turn out quite like the picture! Sometimes I keep practicing, and other times I leave it to the experts! Experts have several things I don’t:

  1. Years of training (knowledge)
  2. Years of experience
  3. Equipment I might not have

Just to name a few!

However, there are other times when experts themselves need an expert! I’m thinking specifically of my incredible hairdresser, Sandy. I LOVE the way she colors and cuts my hair, but ya know what? She doesn’t cut and color her own hair! Nope, my friend, she hires another expert! Or, I think of my massage therapist, Norma. Oh, my, she is the best! But, she hires someone else for her massages. Catch my drift?

Sometimes (well often if I’m being honest), I try to do things the cheap way, or just plain my way. Let me ‘splain (as Ricky Ricardo would say to Lucy). I knew it was time to update my seasonal branding photos. I try to get shots quarterly, and often I get a few images that my kids or husband take that I can use. So, I enlisted said husband a couple of weeks ago for some updated shots. I’m happy overall with how they turned out (especially since he isn’t a professional), but I came up with (drumroll please…)

5 Reasons to Hire a Brand Photographer for the Next Shoot Instead of Doing it Myself

(Scroll to the end for the outtakes!)

Hire a Brand Photographer

1. It will keep your family/friend relationships strong

My dear sweet husband so willingly took time out of his day to do this for me, and that is his nature. He’s always thinking of others and going out of his way to serve them. But, he does value efficiency, and likes to “get things done.” So, this doesn’t work so well when your perfectionistic photographer wife wants to retake an image multiple times because of hair in the face, feet not in the frame, camera settings not exactly right for amateur photographer husband to “point and shoot” etc.!  There is so much happening just being the photographer, but wow, trying to manage the shoot and be the subject – it can get a little overwhelming! I’m not just talking about the overwhelm I felt, but also the strain I projected on my husband. Lesson learned. So, my advice? Don’t drag your friends and loved ones into this! Hire a pro and then go have dinner with your husband instead!

2. Save yourself stress and frustration

Another reason to hire a brand photographer is to save you from unneeded stress and frustration. You will only have to think about one thing – the directions the photographer gives you. You won’t have to set the camera on a tripod, run back and make sure your whole body is in the frame, or lug equipment and props around.  Your photographer will pay attention to the details. One of my biggest disappointments from this shoot was that I didn’t notice my undershirt showing below my blouse sleeve. Every time my hubby showed me the back of the camera, I was checking the light and focus, so I totally missed this huge deal! Imagine my disappointment when I realized the huge blunder during editing! I’m not a Photoshop fan, so I just left it. It could have been fixed on site so easily, but after the shoot it was too late.

3. You will be accountable

How many times do we procrastinate when it is just for us? If you hire a brand photographer, you will be taken step by step through a process, and because of the investment, you will want to follow through with it all. For example, I advise clients to get their nails, hair, and makeup done for their branding shoot. Did I take my own advice? Nope, well kind of, but not 100%. I did schedule to get my nails and hair done, but not my makeup. So, in the final images, of course I’m LOVING my hair and nails! Not so much my eyeliner  and brows though! So, takeaway? If I was working with someone else, I would have done what they suggested and in turn, been happier with my final images.

4. An expert knows what they are doing

An expert branding photographer will take a variety of images – close ups, pull backs, prop details and more. They will be a team member and plan a shot list with you. They will ask you a lot of questions and try to get inside your brain for the vision of your images! When I planned my own shoot, it was just me, so although I did make a pinterest board, I did not think through all the shots and props I would need till a few minutes before. Then I scrambled. If I had shelled out hard earned money for this shoot, you bet I would have taken it more seriously and done everything the photographer told me to do.

5. Posing – need I say more?

Posing myself is just plain awkward. My husband isn’t trained in this area, so he couldn’t help! I always tell my branding clients that “it feels weird, but looks great on camera”. All I knew when I was being photographed was that it felt weird, and probably looked weird too! I went through the poses I do for my clients in my head, but I was stuck! I just didn’t know if it looked right, so I wasn’t confident! Hire a brand photographer who can give you invaluable instant direction and feedback!

Who knows? Maybe next time I’ll heed my own advice and outsource this? Or maybe, time will make me forget and I’ll do it all over again! Regardless, check out some of the final images from this shoot and let me know your fave!

Brand photographer in front of camera

creative entrepreneur with handbag

hire a brand photographer

hire a brand photographer

brand photographer with sunglasses and notepad

take notes stock image

hire a brand photographer

business woman in pink shirt for branding shoot

creative entrepreneur in home office

hire a brand photographer

work from home


Everyone loves a good outtake! So, I’ll swallow my pride and insert a few here! 🙂

Removing windblown hair and adjusting a pose

Wiping sweat form my face (why did I decide to do the shoot at midday? Oh, yeah, because the kids were at school!)

Explaining to my photographer husband where to stand for the best light!

Adjusting the stupid undershirt! I don’t know why I wore that particular one – it was the death of me!

Pinterest Inspiration Board

One thing I did do right was to follow my advice to clients to make a Pinterest inspiration board! Here were some of my faves. Jasmine Star is in there several times – she is the queen of having her husband take her photos! One of my clients told me that she saves inspiration brand poses to a collection in Instagram and has them readily accessible that way.

You can see another one of my DIY shoots here!

Be sure to grab your FREE Brand Photography Checklist for your next shoot – whether you hire a pro or do it yourself!

As always, shoot me a comment or email with any questions you have about brand photos!

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