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4 Creative Ways to Use Your Branding Images


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Most business owners have a clear vision before they book a personal brand photographer for how they will utilize the final images. For example, they may have a social media plan, may be releasing an e-book, may need a website refresh or perhaps some print material. However, some entrepreneurs, who know they need quality images, have their photos taken and wonder “now what?” If you are in that camp, this post is for you! I’m going to show examples of how my clients have utilized their personal brand images to increase their visibility and profits!

1) Use your branding images in social media

Becca, a website designer, has done an amazing job interlacing her branding photos with stock photos and her own pictures. I encourage you to visit her Instagram feed for inspiration!

Use your branding images



Here’s a screenshot of a Dallas senior and wedding photographer’s feed. Courtney also does a fabulous job incorporating images from her session with images from her personal portfolio.

using branding images on social media


I love the way Ashley, M.D. from Pathway Psychology and Counseling, intertwines her branding images with quotes and mental health facts! Her brand colors are on point! Notice how she planned her wardrobe on her branding shoot to coordinate.

using branding images on instagram

counseling session stock photo


Jessica and Amanda Sandlin, sisters, and owners of All Things New Design LLC, do a great job using their branding photos in Facebook stories. In addition, their personal brand photos spark interest on their Facebook cover and sidebar!

Using branding images on stories


 2) Use your branding images on your website

Your branding images take your website to the next level! Jennifer, a virtual assistant utilizes her photos on almost every page! They aren’t just for your about page!

How to use your branding images on your website

Use your branding images on your business website

Use branding images on your site


Courtney uses her images sprinkled across her site as well, including blog posts!

Client's use of branding images on website

Client's use of branding images on website

Client's use of branding images on blog


During Pathway Psychology’s branding shoot, we took some images of a “patient” waiting in the office. Your branding photos can include all aspects of your business!

Client's use of branding images on website

3) Use your branding images on an email list

Do you have one yet? Social media is great, but you don’t own Instagram or Facebook! But, you do own your list and you can get in front of your clients on a regular basis and serve them with relevant content! This is such a warm, welcoming photo for the clients of All Things New Design to see when they open their email!

Use your branding images on an email list


I recently switched to Flodesk for my email lists. Wow! I can’t tell you how much more I love it than Mail Chimp! Mailchimp was cumbersome and clunky. Flodesk is practically done before I even start! It has saved me so much time and allows for complete customization and has spaces for big, beautiful branding images! You can get 50% off when you purchase Flodesk if you use my affiliate code. Yes, it’s more expensive than the free programs, but it’s been worth every penny to me!

Use your branding photos on an email list


4) Use your branding images on Google My Business

Google my Business is a great way to advertise your hours, reviews and location. A great photo when someone searches for your business near them will help them click on you!

Use your brand images on google my business


Use your brand images on google my business

use your branding images

I hope these examples have sparked some ideas of how you will use your personal branding images to promote your business! If you have other creative ideas, share them with me! If you need some helping preparing for a branding session, check out this post!

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