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Lumen Room Mini Sessions | Plano, TX


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What only happens twice a year? No, not the time change! Not a visit to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. I’m talking about branding mini sessions at the Lumen Room in Plano, TX! Well, they aren’t always at the Lumen Room, but they are always at a north Dallas area studio. There are normally between 5 – 10 sessions in one day. I don’t want the hassle of rescheduling all that if we have bad weather! Plus, in just 20 minutes we can get a huge variety of photos in a natural light studio! The studio has a bathroom too for quick changes and makeup refreshes.

This time it was interesting because most of my clients were real estate agents! Minis are actually perfect for updated headshots and a few lifestyle image sprinkled in! So, this blog post part one will feature the agents. It was so fun because all four of them were first time clients! Be sure to check out part two for the other business owners!

The Lumen Room mini sessions took place over the course of just a few hours. Clients prepared ahead of time. They picked out which furniture and backdrops in the room they were drawn to. Things went pretty fast. I bet I walked a couple miles in that room that day! The results are totally worth it! Check out the lifestyle images of Bernice, David, Angela and Amber. And check out this post to see part  two from that day!

Lumen Room Mini Sessions woman in white dress on couch Lumen Room Mini Sessions woman posing with black purse business woman laughing woman on black stool in black dress woman wearing glasses at desk Lumen Room Mini Sessions business woman signing contract Lumen Room Mini Sessions

portrait of young man in suit Lumen Room Mini Sessions man walking Lumen Room Mini Sessions man sitting on couch portrait Lumen Room Mini Sessions Lumen Room Mini Sessions portrait of man in sports jacket man in jeans and sports jacket portrait of man open stool man checking text messages man drinking coffee man posing for portrait man in studio posing for portraits

woman on phone at laptop real estate headshot business woman portrait on fancy couch lifestyle image of woman in suit lifestyle images of woman in black dress Lumen Room Mini Sessions women posed for portraits in suits business women in suits Lumen room mini sessions portrait of business woman in blue suit lifestyle portrait of woman at work Lumen Room mini sessions real estate agent on phone woman at white desk on phone Lumen Room Mini Sessions real estate agent headshot dallas

Lumen Room Lifestyle Portrait

To see a full session of a Rockwall/Heath area real estate agent, check out this blog post.

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