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Dallas Brand Photo Shoot for Counselor | Stephanie


Branding Headshots, Personal Brand Photography

I love my brand photo shoot clients! Working with them is like being on a team. As a solopreneur, collaborating with other business owners brings life to me! Stephanie’s Dallas brand photo shoot was ideal for a number of reasons!

Dallas woman in white shirt and jeans


Stephanie asked great questions and communicated with me thoroughly throughout the entire process! I love that she wasn’t afraid to ask anything and share her thought process with me. For example, after choosing the Lifestyle Lumen Room in Dallas for her session, she clearly laid out for me her favorite furniture pieces and props from the photos on their website. Having this information ahead of time was gold for me! Since I already had a plan in mind, it allowed me to maximize every minute of our session!


Stephanie sent me a detailed Pinterest board ahead of time! Seeing visuals of what my clients are attracted to helps me to get inside their heads and understand what appeals to them so I can better serve them! In addition, she gave me her branding colors so I could know ahead how to make the photos consistent with her overall design.


From fresh flowers, to books (including book ends), new blankets and pillows, to a laptop, notebook and more, Stephanie went above and beyond in collecting things she loved and items that represented her. One of my favorite props she brought was a single strand of lights. I love how she was thinking about things that bring her joy and incorporating them in small ways. If props aren’t your thing, that’s totally fine! I have a prop stylist who will shop with or for you and lay everything out at the session beautifully!


Stephanie’s style is a lot like mine. She chose timeless neutrals, which are my fave! She will be able to use these photos for awhile because they aren’t trendy or going out of style any time soon! She brought a few different tops and a long beige sweater, and by just changing those out, we captured so much variety! Yet, her photos still have a very consistent feel! Again, if you selecting clothing isn’t your jam, then working with my clothing stylist would be the thing for you!

Hair + Makeup

When she walked into the studio, Stephanie told me she wasn’t used to wearing so much make-up – especially the eyelashes! I hear that often from clients.  But then when they see the final photos they are so happy they hired someone to professionally do their makeup because it looks amazing on camera! I say the camera is like the stage! You need a lot to show up! Getting your hair styled is recommended as well!


Above all, Stephanie trusted me to bring forth her vision in her photos. Once the session started, she relaxed and trusted me as I went crazy moving furniture around, unrolling rugs, fixing stray hairs, making her walk and fake laugh (feels weird but looks natural!), and just being plain crazy! We laughed and had a good time.

Stephanie will be showcasing her personal branding photos on her upcoming counseling website! Although she is based in the Dallas area, she will be doing some amazing things online as well! She has big plans and is loving working towards her dreams!

If you’d like to see more from a Dallas brand photo shoot at the Lumen Room White Room, check one out here!

What elements do you think, as a client, would be important to bring to a branding session?

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Dallas business woman lifestyle photos

  1. Barb says:

    These brand photos are amazing. I can’t wait to see more.

  2. Amy says:

    Absolutely stunning photos! I love hearing about the creative process in your head about this session! Now I need to start making a list for what I would bring to my branding session!

  3. Jessica says:

    Stunning work. I love it so much.

  4. April says:

    These photos are gorgeous! I love how you walk through the whole process. Who would have thought so much planning and thought goes into these photos that look so effortless!

    • Kelly McMullin says:

      Awww, April! It means so much that you acknowledged all the planning that went into these! Thank you! That’s one of the things that makes branding photos different than typical headshots.

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