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My 2020 Goal Planning System



3 ring planners

Yes! It is that time of year – the time we set New Year’s Resolutions and think about what the year ahead holds!┬áResolutions may be fun, but most are broken by mid February! That’s why I love Laura Casey’s Power Sheets! This is goal planner that is planning with a purpose. Actually, it takes goal planning to a whole new level! There is a lot of prep work to dig deep and find out why the goals really matter to you.

Because I love actual paper and pen, I have three planners that I use in conjunction with one another! Each of these is unique and I’ll break them down here.

  1. Happy Planner (Faith)
  2. Happy Planner
  3. Power Sheets Goal Planner

Happy Faith Planner

First of all, I keep my Happy Faith Planner on a nightstand right next to my “prayer chair”. That’s my quiet place where I read the Word and pray in the mornings. This planner has space for me to journal my prayer requests, praise reports, blessings, gratitudes, text keywords, observations, and applications. There is also a calendar this year, and I added my own sermon notes pages.

Happy Planner

Another Happy Planner is my go-to planner for my monthly calendar and weekly and daily schedule. I’ve been using these for several years. The size is perfect (I can stick it in my purse). Happy Planner stickers motivate me throughout the year. Adding pages to the rings is a breeze if you have the right hole punch. There is a place on the weekly dashboard for errands, projects, calls/emails, appointments, focus of the week and a blank place where I like to keep my meal plans.

Powersheets for Goal Planning and Execution

In contrast to the Happy Planners, the Power Sheets Planner is specifically created for goal planning. There are several worksheets in the front that help you pick your word of the year, give you space for a vision board, and ask pertinent questions that make you did deep. The thought provoking questions include “Name your fears”, “Where were you 10 years ago?” “What legacy do you want to leave” just to name a few. Once you get through the prep work, it’s time to write out 8 goals. Because unexpected things happen, a seasonal refresh is included, so you can change them! Monthly tending lists with actionable daily, weekly and monthly items to help you achieve your big goals are a huge part of Powersheets! Finally, free resources galore are available at Cultivate What Matters and on Lara Casey’s podcast to help you fill out your planner! AND, it’s ok to start after January 1st!

Powersheets Monthly Tending List for Goal Planning

Above all, tending list are where the magic happens! Each month is broken down into monthly, weekly and daily actions. I’m planning on keeping it on my desk so I can check things off or mark the “loading bar” as I work on tasks.

Goal planning Powersheets Tending list and stickers


Picture of my 3 favorite planners

What about you? Do you have a system for goal setting? Do you use Powersheets or Happy Planners? What is your favorite dashboard? If you are a digital girl, how do you keep your goals and schedule organized? I’d love to hear!

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