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Branding Mini Session Photography


Branding Headshots, Personal Brand Photography

There is a first time for everything! I had an idea to offer back to back branding mini session photography at the local  Studio House in McKinney. You never know what the weather in Texas is going to be like in November so I didn’t want to risk being outdoors! The goal was to provide high quality images for small business owners in a quick session! The key was preparation! It was fast and furious, but these busy women entrepreneurs were in and out and able to get on with their day! Meet the seven women business owners who took advantage of this quick branding mini session!

Headshots Mini Sessions Blog Post Dallas Photographer



1.  Cheryl + Karen | Real Estate Agents

Sisters Cheryl and Karen are Remax real estate agents and their desire for the shoot was to update their basic headshots. They intend to use the shots for business cards and advertising. They desired some individual shots with various backgrounds and then a couple of shots of them together. Cheryl and I met at a small group at our church several years ago and our girls attend the same school. She is quite the extravert and always has something positive to share! Not surprisingly, most of her business comes from word of mouth. It was my first time to meet her sister, which was a pleasure! To learn more about them you can visit Cheryl’s site and Karen’s site.

Branding Mini Session Dallas Realtors Branding Mini Session North Dallas Realtor Headshot Photo


2. Cristina + Samuel | Husband + Wife Team at Body-Mind-Spirit Holistic Health

Cristine and Samuel’s ideal clients are those who seek an alternative approach to health. In addition to providing wellness consultations, they teach people how to take control of their own health and experience freedom from physical and emotional pain. As Christ followers, they believe this is the way God created us to live. For their branding mini session, we wanted to showcase them as the owners and also feature a few of their services such as iris exams and Zyto scanning.

Branding Mini Session Alternative Health Providers in Dallas Branding Mini Session Headshot Dallas Photographer Branding mini session of health providers in Dallas Branding Mini Session in DFW pouring on essential oils Branding mini session in DFW oil photograph

3. Jennifer Martin | Delightful in the Details Virtual Assistant

I happen to love organizing and details, and when I first met Jenn on our Zoom call, I could tell we were a good fit! As her business name implies, she is indeed an expert at details! As we talked about the ideas we had for the session, she took it and ran with it! She even brought a painting in her brand colors to hang on the wall in the studio! I loved it, because it really personalized her branding mini session. She also brought a friend who helped her carry in a desk! I told you she had a vision! Her upcoming website will be found at I can’t wait to see it!

Branding mini session in McKinney of woman laughing at desk Dallas photographer  Mini branding session photography of virtual assistant writing in journal mini branding session photography in Dallas of woman entrepreneur on couch with laptop   Branding image for virtual assistant Dallas Photographer

DFW Headshot Mini Session for Virtual Assistant Dallas Photography

4. Camille Bowie | Doterra Oils

When your life has been so directly effected by the products you sell, you want to invite everyone to try them! When Camille chose DoTerra and natural remedies for the foundation of her health, it changed her whole being. She had more energy, better moods, less pain and improved immunity! When she came to the session, we had talked about highlighting her love for health. One way we showed that in her images, was in the kitchen. She brought oils, greens, fruit, and homemade juice! It smelled so good! Camille loves natural and organic and thrives in minimalism. You can view her website at There are products for men, women, and children!

5. Christine Moore | Life Recovery Coach + Speaker

It’s always so fun to see returning clients! Christine did a full branding day back in the spring. You can see her session here. The thing with branding photos is that seasons change, things change, and it’s nice to have a steady stream of current photos. This session was completely different from that outdoor session. One thing she requested was someone to be her “mentee” in the photos. So, I put out a facebook plea and we found a business owner through a mutual friend who modeled for us. Christine helps women see past their limiting beliefs and see what is possible for their lives. You can find out more about her at

6. Angelia Hiebert | Monarch Stage Style Simplify

It was such a pleasure to meet Angelia. Our mutual friend introduced us when I put out an invitation for a model needed at the minis! Christine needed a model to serve as someone she would mentor in the photos. As you can see in the photos above, Angelia fulfilled that role to a tee! It was fun to take a few shots of her when we finished that session. She and her business partner have a business called Monarch Stage Style Simplify. They are home stylists and professional home organizers in the DFW area. Check them out on social media: @monarchstagestylesimplify!

Rachel | Friend

After I finished a full morning of branding mini sessions, I met up with a girl who used to attend the same church I did. She is quite a bit younger than me and I have memories of her as a seven year old help me pack Thanksgiving dinners at church in an assembly line that we would deliver to people in need in neighboring communities! She found me on facebook recently and we reconnected over lunch in downtown McKinney. What a privilege to connect after all these years! I shot a few of her while we were together. And, yes, her hair is naturally that curly!

So, what do ya think? Should I keep offering branding minis?

  1. Liz says:

    Yes! Keep offering them! These are some smart ladies to take you up on your offer. Is this your studio??! It’s amazing! I love that couch!

    • Kelly McMullin says:

      Thanks, Liz! This is a studio house for rental in my area. I love outdoor photography, but this one has so much natural light. It’s great when for when you don’t know what the weather will be like!

  2. Mandy says:

    Absolutely love these branding Mini’s Kelly!! You personalised each of the shoots so well, even side by side you’d never guess they were all in the same location – they’re so fabulous! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  3. Amy says:

    Oh how much fun are these branding sessions. I love how each client is so different and yet you made them feel cohesive! Great job!

  4. Tania says:

    Stunning as always Kelly!! I absolutely love your work!!

  5. Jenn says:

    great headshots and lifestyle photos, love them all!

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