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Brand Photo Shoot for Becca | Alto Design Co


Branding Headshots

Prepping for the Brand Photos

I knew when we had our video call that Becca and I would be a good fit for brand photos! To prepare for the brand photo shoot for Becca, she mentioned Jenna Kutcher and Ashlyn Carter as two brands she liked – two of my faves also! We actually scheduled her call around a webinar that Ashley was doing for small business owners! Becca is an entrepreneur starting a website design company called Alto Design Co. She needed some brand photos that showed her joyful personality and her love for technology! She was super chill, but had lots of fabulous ideas for the shoot. I could tell her wheels had been spinning and she was thinking about specifics she wanted. I love that because it helps me get inside a client’s head to make their vision a reality! The more information, the better! Becca has been blogging for while, so she wasn’t new to knowing how solopreneurs entrepreneurs brand their businesses.

For her clothing style, Becca is a member of The Trunk Club! Her white blouse actually got delivered the night before and it looked so cute on her! What a fun way to shop!She even found the cutest coffee shop, Native Coffee Co. for the session. It was nice to be toasty warm with my French Vanilla Steamer while we shot instead of out in the freezing cold elements!


Mood Boards for the Brand Photo Shoot

Below is the brand photos inspiration board for her session. We used her brand colors and some ideas from websites/blogs that she liked. You’ll see the final board below that and I think we nailed it!

Becca Brand Photo Shoot Style Board

Above: Inspiration Board created for Becca prior to her session

Branding Photography Inspiration Board

Above: Final Board containing Becca’s branding photos!

Day of the Brand Photo Shoot

For the brand photo shoot for Becca, we met at a coffee shop. Even though it wasn’t suppose to be very busy at that time, I’m telling you, that coffee shop was happening! A very kind gentleman actually left his cozy place on the couch where he was reading his book so we could shoot in that corner. For the rest of the time, we had to be strategic about using “body blocking” and other photographer tricks to get rid of distracting backgrounds and shoot around other customers. Thankfully, it all worked out and we were able to capture a huge amount of variety and looks in just a couple of hours and one location! I usually like to shoot at a few different places for variety, but I love the consistency of shooting in just one place. Becca is going to be able to use these photo across several platforms and really build her brand so clients recognize her images because of the continuity and flow in them.


Addison Branding Shoot

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  1. Tania

    November 13th, 2019 at 3:09 am

    Love your work. Absolutely stunning!

  2. Kelly McMullin

    November 19th, 2019 at 3:04 am

    Thank you, Tania! I appreciate your kind words!

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