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Uptown Dallas Lifestyle Headshots


Personal Brand Photography

Starting out the Day

Early Friday morning I dropped my daughter off at school and headed to the salon to pick Melissa up for her branding photo shoot at the Shops at Highland Village. I walked in and as always, Kristen did a wonderful job with her makeup and hair and then we headed off to our first location for Melissa’s branding shoot. I don’t always get to drive with my clients to our locations, but when I get the chance to, it’s so fun to have the extra time to hang out and chat even more! My clients aren’t just clients to me, they are friends! This was my second time to photograph Melissa and we are already talking about a spring session that will take place in her home!

Fan Girl

So, I have to say, I kinda fan girled when Melissa and I had our Zoom call a few weeks ago. She had been planning on getting some branding images done for her business, but got a push when her business coach, Alli Worthington, encouraged her to do it sooner than later. Wait…. what? Alli Worthington? THE ALLI WORTHINGTON? The one who wrote one of my favorite books Alli Worthington? (Breaking Busy – you should check it out!) THE ALLI WORTHINGTON that I watched on the Propel series Bible studies I attended and led? NO WAY! WAY!  I got super excited that Melissa had a coach of that caliber and not only that, some of the people Alli has put Melissa in contact with have just been amazing. For example, Melissa is releasing an e-book (it’s phenomenal – you have to get it if you struggle with confidence!) and the graphic artist told her she was praying over every page! I just love that!

Beginning the Session

Based on the image examples that Melissa sent me, and her love of shopping, we decided that The Shops at Highland Village in uptown Dallas would be the perfect place to start her lifestyle headshots. As it turned out, one of her earliest memories of going to the movies was actually at that very theater, so it was very personal as well! Not to mention, that her office is close too. Win/win! Melissa coordinated her outfits with her brand colors so that everything would go together well in print and on the web. Her classic black pant suit with the fun hat added some flair. Her olive green shirt was sophisticated and hip when she added a black jacket to it. There were all sorts of nooks and crannies and we captured so much variety!

Second location

We then drove to Prather Park in Highland Park so we could capture some more lifestyle headshots in a different setting of uptown Dallas to feature her new e-book in a natural setting. It was so natural in fact, that for the first time in my life, I got stung by a wasp! Not the best part of the day! But, we redeemed it and kept on shooting and you can see a snippet of our day!

Melissa’s Counseling Practice

Melissa graduated with a Masters in Counseling and Biblical Studies from Grace University. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Social Work from Southwest Texas State University. She is licensed in the state of Texas as an Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor (LPC-S).

In addition to counseling, Melissa has a heart for the community. She speaks at schools, organizations, and businesses about Eating Disorders, Identity Issues, and Body Image. She blogs at

Dallas Counselor Brand Photo

Dallas Brand Photos

Uptown Dallas Headshot images of woman in black pant suit

Dallas counselor lifestyle brand shoot by gold elevator

Branding Headshots of Dallas woman at computer

Joyful and fun lifestyle branding images of Dallas woman throwing hat in air at shopping center

Lifestyle business branding headshots of Dallas woman wearing leapard coat

Joyful headshot of Dallas counselor and author

Joyful image of Dallas businesswoman headshot

Dallas area headshot of woman wearing a black jacket

Dallas headshot branding photo session of entrepreneur drinking coffee

Dallas lifestyle branding photo session

Dallas author close up of e-book about confidence

Dallas counselor and author praying at Prather Park

Dallas author excited to release her ebook "The Secret of Confidence"

Dallas Christian counselor releases e-book for headshots

Dallas Branding Shoot Vision Board

This is Melissa’s branding board (not my images) that we used for inspiration for the shoot.

It was fun, Melissa! Can’t wait to see how you use these and for your next session!

Contact me if you are interested in having your own branding photos taken! Not in Dallas? No worries! I travel! (I’ll try not to bring any wasps with me!)

  1. Tania Wicks says:

    these are simply gorgeous!!

  2. Kelly you have an incredible gift! Wow! I love all of these images and wish we were closer! Fantastic work!

  3. Mandy says:

    These are so fun and natural!! beautiful images Kelly!!!

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