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Personal Brand Photography Session for Jen | Heath + Rockwall Realtor


Personal Brand Photography

When Jen and I started collaborating on her personal brand session, she was adamant that she didn’t want her photographs to look like those of every other realtor! I love that, because that gave us so much freedom in her PERSONAL brand session to discover how to share her story and portray those details to her current and potential clients. 

As detailed as Jen was in executing this shoot, I can only imagine the care she gives her clients! I have only met a handful of people as detail oriented as Jen. If you are in the market for a home, she’s your girl! She gifts her neighbors with flags on the fourth of July, she plans a family picnic and even gifted me with a new picnic blanket! Scroll down to see the thoughtful gift her clients receive after closing!

Take a walk through the day we spent together capturing current photos for business!

We started off in Jen’s own home. Jen is relationship driven and desired a photo that invites viewers to come in and sit down and chat awhile.

She also hires her son to assist with her marketing so we captured  a moment of the two of them, well, three!

Jen sells luxury homes, land/pasture, single family residences and condos/townhomes, so she lined up different places we could go to encapsulate all of the above.

Again, Jen wanted to portray her love for people in a confident, yet approachable appearance. Since kitchens are the heart of the home, we staged a client interaction with one of her past clients at a friend’s newly remodeled kitchen. Jen emphasizes that she teaches, mentors, encourages and advocates for her clients.

This is a huge basket full of goodies when a client purchases their new home! What a blessing!

I may or may not have stepped on a cow patty or two in my flip flops during this part of the shoot! But, I have to say it was the most fun we had all day! Jen drove the golf cart out into the pasture and we shot, shot, shot real quick, drove away from the longhorns, quickly got out and shot, shot, shot again! As we were driving out there, I thought the longhorns were on the OTHER side of the fence, so I was in for quite a surprise when I realized how close we were to them! (DISCLAIMER: NO people or animals were hurt in this photo shoot!)

We captured some “behind the scenes” shots of things Jen does for open houses.

Jen also has an office in Rockwall and spends much of her time there, so we captured some of her day to day.

Jen’s story wouldn’t be complete without her family life! She loves to play Uno with her youngest son and we gathered the whole family, including the dogs, for coffee in the back yard.

What an incredible day we had! 

You can find out more about working with Jen at The Patty Turner Group website!

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