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Portrait Prep Tips



When I ask about people’s struggles with getting in front of a camera, people tell me:

  • they just aren’t photogenic,

  • they feel awkward and don’t know what to do with their hands,

  • picking coordinating outfits for a family of five is just too much brainpower!

I want more for you! You can walk into your session with confidence!


family picture by the lake


Here are 3 Quick Tips to prepare for your next photo shoot:


1.) So you don’t think you are photogenic? You feel like you haven’t had enough “practice”? No worries! You don’t have to have any experience with a professional photographer to be good at this! Seriously! Can you take directions? Good! I have five core poses that I’ll teach you at the beginning of the session, and everything else in just a variable of that! That’s it! I’m trained to make you look your absolute best! Yes, it may feel a little funny at first, but you soon get used to it and it becomes second nature!


2.) I’m going to let you into a big secret! Ready? EVERYONE feels awkward for the first 20 minutes! Just expect it! Have you ever had to give a speech? Maybe your hands were sweaty and your throat felt dry even before a word came out, and maybe even during the first few sentences, but then… magic happened! You grew confident! You were doing it, and you even started liking it! You may have even felt a little disappointed when it was over because you were done! It’s the same thing! When the photography session is over, you will feel so comfortable that you could continue being photographed all day long! 


3.)  I’m a mom, too. Yes, coordinating outfits for multiple people can be a challenge! But, you don’t have to go this alone! A quick pinterest search can give you more color combinations than you will know what to do with! Some clients shop stores that have coordinating seasonal lines in all sizes for a one stop shop, while others like to get inspiration and piece meal it together. Whatever you do, have fun with it! When you are out shopping, you can always text me pictures and I’ll gladly give my opinion!  Just think “classic”. Trendy things will look quite dated in portraits in just a few years, but the classics will create timeless art.



While we are on the subject of wardrobe – here’s a BIG HINT! Dresses and heels on ladies are amazing! They instantly bring class to the photos and elongate the legs.



Your encouragement for today: Enjoy the preparation for your portraits! 

More than the way you looked, you and your family will look back at these photos someday and remember the way you felt. Enjoy the process from the beginning knowing you are creating a family legacy.


P.S. Comment or email me to let me know if you have a concern about professional portraits that I haven’t addressed yet. I would love to answer it for you!





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